Our kind voice is how we connect the good within us, to the world around us.



Our mission is to make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation at a time.

On A Kind Voice Radio we have conversations with an eclectic group of people which include musicians, sports figures, authors, business people, film makers, philosophers & everyday heros. The common thread is they all use their kind voices to make a positive impact.
Our programs can be heard online and our made available to radio stations around the world via the Public Radio Exchange. To listen to live programs or any of our archived programs click here.

Select Episodes

Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author whose book started it all; the blockbuster movie, “Pay It Forward” and the world-wide movement! Interview with James Brown “JB”, who is the host of The NFL Today on CBS. He is three-time Emmy Award winner and Sports Illustrated’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade”. Kind Voices makes beautiful music. On this show we will feature some of the musicians who who have created songs which express our mission in their own kind voices.
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Here are some of our recent episodes:

Connecting excess food with the hungry…. Originally aired on Nov 19, 2016 (click here to listen)
Conversation with Robert Lee the founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC) a national non-profit food rescue organization, that gets food that would otherwise be wasted to those who are hungry. The RLC is based in New York City and is operating in 12 cities.
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Creating Win-Win-Win stories one dog at a time… Originally aired on Oct 29, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Cathy King, the founder of Canines With A Cause. Cathy’s Utah based program rescues unwanted dogs from shelters, giving them to prison inmates to live with and train them to become service animals, and then pairs the dogs with military veterans battling post traumatic stress disorder.
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A Rising You Tube star……. Originally aired on Feb 3, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Vanessa Vargas Wilson (a.k.a- Crafty Gemini) who has created hundreds of diy videos on quilting, cooking, gardening and more. The videos on her You Tube Channel clearly explain the topic at hand, are created with enthusiasm and some humor. We will learn the story behind her videos and explore some of the things she shares in these wonderful videos.
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The Global Ecovillage Network……. Originally aired on Feb 1, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Kosha Anja Joubert the Executive Director of the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN). GEN is a growing network of sustainable communities and initiatives that bridge different cultures, countries, and continents. On this show we explore the Big Ideas driving this beautiful journey as well as the details of the story being created.
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Endless Orchard……. Originally aired on Jan 17, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with David Burns and Austin Young about their work on the Endless Orchard, which is a sustainable, edible, living public artwork- fruit trees planted and mapped by the public for everyone to share. It can also be seen as a big community garden cooperative where people work together to plant fruit trees that will nourish community and help make our world a kinder, more connected place one fruit tree at a time.
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Kricket……. Originally aired on Jan 11, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Tom Nassr about Kricket, which is a map-based, crowdsourcing network that helps refugees find safety and resources. The great thing about this platform is that it’s creating a space for lots of people to share their kind voices. Joining our conversation will be Professor John Velez of Texas Tech University who has done extensive work in the gamification area. We will ask Professor Velez for his thoughts on how gamification processes can be used to engage people in this worthy endeavor. This is an exciting grass roots effort to help those in need, find their way to a new home.
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Hearth & Market……. Originally aired on Jan 3, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Wendy Uhlman and Steve Zieverink of Hearth & Market are creating a wood fired food truck & mobile farmers market that connects people with their farm, way of life and certified organic produce and products. If you want to see some amazing looking food, that comes from an authentic place, check out their Kickstarter project. Hosted by David Levins
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The Greater Good Cafe……. Originally aired on Dec 29, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Jackie and Sean Sikes own and operate the “The Greater Good Cafe” which is an eat what you need, pay as much as you can cafe, located in Clinton, Arkansas. Food insecurity is a major problem in Arkansas and the folks at the Greater Good Cafe do not want to sit by and and watch it continue.
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Intentional Communities……. Originally aired on December 26, 2015 (click here to listen)
Interview with Sky Blue the Executive Director of the Fellowship for Intentional Community. We will discuss the different types of Intentional Communites, like Communes, Cohousing and Eco-villages and shinning examples of these communities, such as Twin Oaks,Dancing Rabbit, Ecovillage at Ithaca and Tryon Life Community Farm. We will learn all about the great work the Fellowship does and how Intentional Communities are part of a bigger Cooperative Culture Movement. Sky is helping to update their Intentional Communities Directory which has a print edition as well as a seachable online database.
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The Believers……. Originally aired on Jan 11, 2016 (click here to listen)
Interview with Henry J. Kim about his historical documentary, The Believers, which tells the true story of the Golden State Warriors: their organization, players, and fans. Our conversation includes Warrior greats like Al Attles, Wilt Chamberlain and Stephen Curry as some of their great fans like Paul Wong, whose “We Believe” fan campaign helped fuel the Warriors’ 2007 playoff upset of the top-seeded Dallas Mavericks.
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T.O.F.U. Magazine……. Originally aired on Jan 3, 2016 (click here to listen)
On A Kind Voice on Books this week we will get a chance to sit down with Ryan Patey, Editor and Co-Founder of T.O.F.U Magazine. We’ll be discussing his job heading up a publication which works to bring together a vegan community, as well as what he’s been reading lately.
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The Dusty Bookshelf……. Originally aired on Dec 9, 2015 (click here to listen)
Interview with Manda Barker, the operating manager of The Dusty Bookshelf, a local bookstore in Lawrence, Kansas. We’ll be talking to Manda about the ins and outs of making a brick and mortar store work in an increasingly tech-based society.
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Museum of Lost Things……. Originally aired on Nov 29, 2015 (click here to listen)
Interview with Gregory Cioffi about his upcoming film called The Museum of Lost Things. The film is about a man who randomly walks into a museum that has objects that represent something that he has lost in his life. The movie then goes onto to consider more abstract things, like lost illusions. It is a layered story told from different perspectives weaving together objects, experiences and some big ideas.
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Gamifying The Good……. Originally aired on Nov 10, 2015 (click here to listen)
Interview with Professor John Velez of Texas Tech University, about his work in using video games to create cooperative behaviors. On A Kind Voice Radio we explore ways people use their kind voices (share the good within). Professor Velez’s work explores how cooperative play helps players find their kind voices and create positive experiences for all that are involved.