Our kind voice is how we connect the good within us, to the world around us.


A Kind Voice is a community of volunteers who are working together to make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation (act) at a time.
On A Kind Voice Radio we have conversations with an eclectic group of people which include musicians, sports figures, authors, business people, film makers, philosophers & everyday heros. The common thread is they all use their kind voices to make a positive impact.
Our programs can be heard online, as well as on our AM/FM affiliates. Live programs can be heard at 7:00 pm EST by clicking here.
For more details about our programs and to hear archived versions go to the Radio home page. Each program also has it’s own home page which can be found under our radio menu (top).

Select Episodes

Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author whose book started it all; the blockbuster movie, “Pay It Forward” and the world-wide movement! Interview with James Brown “JB”, who is the host of The NFL Today on CBS. He is three-time Emmy Award winner and Sports Illustrated’s “Best Studio Host of the Decade”. Kind Voices makes beautiful music. On this show we will use music to tell the story of why our organization exists, where we been and where we are going.

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