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A Kind Voice on Movies is a weekly radio program where we celebrate the movies we love and have great conversations about how they impacted us. We also interview, movie makers, actors and others with kind voices who are working to make films which tell positive stories.

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Michael Collins discusses his documentary Almost Sunrise which tells the story of two friends who embark on an epic journey to heal from their time in combat. Michael is an Emmy® nominated filmmaker and the founder of Thoughtful Robot, a production company based in NYC committed to crafting compelling social justice films that galvanize change. Buddy Solitaire is an uplifting narrative feature about a struggling stand up comedian who teaches a comedy class to the mentally ill. Join us as we speak with writer/director/producer Kuang Lee about his inspiration for this film and how laughter truly is the best medicine. The Respectful Revolution Project is a national, grass-roots, not-for-profit video project started in 2012 by partners and filmmakers Gerard Ungerman and Stacey Wear. For the past three years, traveling mostly by motorcycle, they have gone cross-country three times interviewing people doing INSPIRING and RESPECTFUL things.

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A Kind Voice on Movies is part of a larger family of radio programs that includes Good News, Music, Books, Sports and Innovation. As our Good News show only talks about the good stuff happening in the world, our program focuses on positive topics and stories. We are aware there are many good movies that contain violence but will not focus on them as our radio program, is part of the bigger mission of a A Kind Voice which is to make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation at a time.

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