About us

Note: On March 17, 2014 the call in line was temporarily closed. We hope to reopen it, so this page will be left in tact to explain our entire program. If you’re interested in helping reopen the call in line please contact us.

Overview: A Kind Voice is non-profit organization who operates a call in line which connects callers who need a kind voice with a volunteer willing to listen. We also produce radio programs that help spread our kind voices and positive energy.

Name: Our kind voice is how we connect the good within us, to the world around us.

Mission: To make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation (act) at a time.

What our kind voices sound like:

Craig Corona singing our theme song “A Kind Voice”. To listen to more music from Kind Voices click here.
Video which explains how our program works to prospective volunteers
Montage of our phone line volunteers talking about why they’ve volunteered & sharing their stories. To listen to the full radio program click here.
Radio interview with “JB”, James Brown, host of The NFL Today on CBS & 3 time Emmy Award Winner. Click here to listen to our other programs.

Alchemy is to separate and to join together. Alchemists combined common metals into gold. The transmutation of common metals into gold symbolized evolution from an imperfect state towards a perfect state. At A Kind Voice we believe in the Alchemy of Kindness. Two strangers joining in a conversation, with the intention of sharing and being kind to the other are practicing the Alchemy of Kindness.


The Details…

A Kind Voice, Inc is a small non-profit organization based out of Georgia and started in November of 2012. Our volunteers come from all walks of life including teachers, students, journalists, actors and even a stand-up comedian.

Our mission is to make the world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation at a time.
In a world where it is easy to feel a bit isolated, we have created a call-in line, where caller’s can share their thoughts on a book they read, a movie or game they saw or just about any subject they’d like to discuss. We also create radio programs on Good News, Innovation, Books, Sports and Movies. As our Good News show only talks about the good stuff happening in the world, all our radio programs talk about positive aspects of their topics. With our call in line people have to come to us, our radio programs project our kind voices and positive energy outward.

We are open 7 days a week from 9AM to 11PM EST.

Headquartered in Georgia, with volunteers nationwide, we take calls at 800.876.2399.

In a world where we seem more connected than ever, research shows that we are lonelier than ever. By giving folks a way to connect with a kind voice to talk about issues they deem important, we hope to get things moving in a more positive direction.

We ask volunteers to sign up for topics they have great enthusiasm for. We have writers and avid readers taking calls on books, actors and movie buffs taking calls on movies, athletes and sports nuts taking calls on sports, etc… When we receive a call, the caller is first asked if they are experiencing a crisis. If they say yes, the call is routed to a trained counselor on a hotline selected by the caller. If they indicate they are not experiencing a crisis, then the call is confidentially routed to A Kind Voice volunteer.


Articles about A Kind Voice:

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