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Eva Csejtey, Repair Café

Eva Csejtey uses her kind voice to strengthen community bonds through happenings like the Repair Café. The Repair Café is a free, community-wide event that has volunteer repairers– known as ‘fixers’– who mend broken items. Not only does it create community […]



Dr. Everette Penn, Teen and Police Service (TAPS) Academy

Dr. Penn uses his kind voice to restore and build relationships between at-risk teens and police. TAPS is an 11-week academy for youth and mentor police officers that address topics such as bullying, gang life, drug usage, and anger management.



Matt Halley, Cookie Cart

Cookie Cart is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit that employs motivated, at-risk youth and gives them the opportunity to step up, take responsibility, and become leaders. It provides teens with employment, networking, and leadership opportunities.



Mark Hecker

Mark Hecker, founder of Reach Incorporated, uses his kind voice to improve the literacy rates of school-age children in the Washington, DC area. Reach Incorporated is an afterschool tutoring program that approaches education in a unique fashion: it hires at-risk teenagers



Issa Rae

Issa Rae is a woman on a mission: she is using her kind voice to change the depiction of people of color. And it’s about time— it’s not often people of color are portrayed



Robert Lee, Rescuing Leftover Cuisine

Robert Lee, Co-Founder/CEO of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine uses his kind voice by taking unwanted, unused restaurant food and delivering it to homeless shelters.



Dug Feltch, Bob Kramer’s Marionnettes

Dug Feltch, one of the master puppeteers at Bob Kramer’s Marionnettes, uses his kind voice, creativity, and imagination to bring joy to kids of all ages.



A Kind Voice Conversation with Cathy King

Cathy King, founder of Canines With A Cause. Cathy uses her kind voice to connect and heal veterans suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with shelter dogs


Play Well Africa: Giving Underprivileged Children the Gift of Childhood

Dolls, action figures, teddy bears… these things all seem like an integral part of your life when you’re a kid. However, not all children have the means or even know what they are. In some parts of the world



Kari Riedel, Founder/Mayor of Bookopolis

Kari uses her kind voice to give children a platform to choose and recommend books– “kid choice and kid voice.” Inspired by her two sons, Bookopolis is a



Making Good Things Come Together….

Vanessa Vargas Wilson (aka Crafty Gemini), uses her kind voice to connect people with each other and the art of making good things. Her passion is for crafting, cooking and growing things in her organic garden. Then telling the stories about the things she makes/grows/does on


Endless Orchard 2

Creating Spaces

We often hear about running out of spaces, resources, stuff… Which creates a feeling of scarcity. Last night our guests on A Kind Voice Radio, David Burns and Austin Young are working to create a story of abundance. Their Endless Orchard organizes things in imaginative ways, plants new seeds […]



Garden of the Greater Good

If there was a Garden of the Greater Good it would be filled with […]


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The Alchemy of Kindness

Alchemy is to separate and to join together. Alchemists combined common metals into gold. The transmutation of common metals into gold symbolized evolution from an imperfect state towards a perfect state. At A Kind Voice we believe in […]


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When we reach out to each other…

Novelist Jack London once wrote, “I would rather be ashes than dust. I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor than a sleepy, permanent planet.” Someone once read those words to Kenny Stabler and asked the former quarterback what they meant. Stabler paused a moment, then said […]


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Best School Bus Driver Recipient, Tom Brandon

Talking with Tom Brandon, a teacher and school bus driver at the Walnut Grove School in Hazelgreen, Alabama, it’s easy to see why he was awarded the Best School Bus Driver by the Steve Harvey Neighborhood Awards. His warmth and kind concern for his young students comes through in the heartwarming […]


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Collaborative Games

Playing games can bring out the good within us. Derivatives of games, such as Scrabble, can be transplanted into seemingly unrelated endeavors, making those endeavors more of a cooperative experience […]


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Travels with Charley

Travels with Charley was one of John Steinbeck’s final novels. It’s about a journey he made across America with his dog named Charley in a vehicle called Rocinante, named after Don Quixote’s horse. He wanted to see America first hand, so he could write from experience. He aimed to “tell the small diagnostic truths which are the foundations of […]


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This past Sunday October 20th, on “A Kind Voice on Good News”, I had a wonderful conversation with Arathi Ravichandron from Arathi is one of many volunteers at KindSpring that help put together and run this […]


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The Geometry of A Kind Voice

The idea of applying the precision of mathematical thought to seemingly unrelated areas is very intriguing. The fundamental axiom any organization is built upon is it’s mission statement. The mission statement can be viewed as the seed that generates the organization. What makes an organization flower is all those who serve the organization having faith in the importance of […]


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True Green

John Steinbeck and his friend Ed Ricketts, a marine biologist, liked to explore “true things” and connect the dots on how the smaller everyday truths connect with larger truths. […]



The Museum of Lost Things

Last night we interviewed Gregory Cioffi (listen below) about his new film “Museum of Lost Things” based on a short story by Dennis Pahl. The film is about a man who randomly walks into a museum that has objects that he has lost in his life. The movie starts by exploring rooms with tangible objects and then goes onto to explore rooms containing more abstract things, like […]



A Believer

Henry J. Kim is a man with a story to tell. He has spent the last 7 years, documenting a wonderful story about believing and community. His story is part of a larger tapestry, which has not yet fully materialized […]