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A Kind Voice on Good News is a radio program where we celebrate the good stuff… We interview authors, professors, social entrepreneurs and other game changers who have created positive movements. By interviewing the originators of movements like Pay It Forward, The Kindness Challenge and the Heroic Imagination Project you get the authentic story, firsthand. We also share stories about ordinary people doing great things. The hope is these stories will uplift and inspire…

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Catherine Ryan Hyde, the author whose book started it all; the blockbuster movie, “Pay It Forward” and the world-wide movement! Arathi Ravichandron discusses the Kindness & Gratitude Challenges and other wonderful activities happening under her charge at Interview with Laura Schroff, author of An Invisible Thread, the true story of how two lives changed forever when she decided to buy lunch for a little boy nearly 30 years ago.

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A Kind Voice on Good News is part of a larger family of radio programs that includes Books, Music, Innovation, Sports and Movies. Our radio program, is part of the bigger mission of a A Kind Voice which is to make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation at a time. So we will focus on having conversations that help fulfill our mission and will not be discussing political or religious issues as we want to be a kind voice for all our listeners.
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