Help Spread The Word….


We need to let callers know we are here for them. Growing organically through the good work of those who believe in our mission will give us the authentic energy needed to be sustainable. Here’s how you can help: 

– Tell a friend or family member who is living alone about us.
– Help spread the word through social media. Our Facebook and Twitter links are below.
– Ask your local radio stations to play our music and public service announcements.
– Hang Flyers. Flyer links and placement ideas are listed below.
– Start A “Kind Voice Chapter” on your college campus or in your community.
– Give a talk at a college campus, civic group, religious organization, library or retirement home.
– If you know any public figure who’d be an appropriate spokesperson for our cause, please let us know.

Some good places to hang flyers are:
Hospitals: Being in a hospital can be both isolating and scary. A kind voice can be helpful to someone in that situation.
Colleges: Students are under a lot of pressure and far from home. Connecting with a kind voice, who is not a family member and has no agenda other than to have a conversation about what is on their mind, maybe just the thing they need.
Libraries and Bookstores: Letting folks know we are here to discuss their books, will help give them an outlet to share the great things they read. When you go into bookstores, if you start the conversation with “Do you have a community bulletin board…” folks are usually willing to help out.
Coffee Houses: Starbucks and many other coffee houses have free community bulletins boards. What goes better than a cup of coffee and a kind voice?

If you have other thoughts on how to help spread the word please email or call 800-876-2399, Ext. 5