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Why are you interested in becoming a Kind Voice listener?

What skills, experiences or aspects of your personality do you feel would help you to be a good listener?

Topic(s) you are comfortable discussing: (select multiple topics by holding down the CTRL button)

When a caller says something that makes you think of your own situation, by talking about your own situation and turning them into the listener you may pull out the rug from under them. It’s best to let the thought about your own situation come, and then go, and get back to focusing on the caller. Are you comfortable doing this?
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To keep everyone's identities private calls will be connected via a our US based 800#. You will incur the same costs as with any other (US) long distance call. If you don't pay a per minute charge for long distance, then you will not be charged for calls related to our program.
 I understand there will be phone charges, if my phone plan charges by the minute.

Listeners get to work from home. Please confirm you have a quiet place in your home, where you can give the caller your full attention.
 I have a quiet place to talk from.

Time Zone

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Birth Year (must be at least 18 years old)

We are a new concept and also need help spreading the word about how program.
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How would you help spread the word about our program?

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