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Your Kind Voice is a radio program where we interview people on how they use their kind voice and positive energy to make a difference.

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Dominick Domasky talks with Sarah Adams-Nowlin the author of the hit essay Be Cool To The Pizza Dude. Sarah’s fun and colorful essay illustrates the importance of using our kind voice in everyday situations we all face. Tom Dowd chats with Dominick Domasky the author of Don’t Double Bread the Fish. The theme is: That which does not kill us only makes us stronger! Dominick Domasky’s lively chat with Fire Chief, Ron Kanterman, on everything firemen. They discuss everything from: Cats stuck in trees, to what drives these brave men and women to put their lives on the line to save others.

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Your Kind Voice is part of a larger family of radio programs that includes Good News, Music, Books, Sports and Movies. As our Good News show only talks about the good stuff happening in the world, our program focuses on positive stories. Our radio program, is part of the bigger mission of a A Kind Voice which is to make our world a kinder, more connected place, one conversation at a time.




Dominick Domasky arrives at A Kind Voice with a unique background and a wealth of life experience. As a boy, Dominick learned the value of hard work, in the fields of his father’s landscape company. He took that knowledge, placed it into his passions, and carried it throughout his life. The only problem was he failed, over and over, from algebra to athletics. In 2002 as a young man Dominick fulfilled a dream to open his own business, three years later it was closed and he was in financial ruins.

Dominick Domasky is a loving husband and family man. Dominick is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, an inspirational author, a motivational speaker, a supporter of JDRF, and an insurance salesman by day. The loves of his life are his family, business, telling stories, and basketball.

Don’t Double Bread the Fish, Dominick’s 1st inspirational book was not written from a pedestal, but from the trenches of digging ditches, picking up cigarette butts and overcoming countless failures. Dominick has no ill will of the past, but looks back and finds humor and strength. As the old saying goes, “That which does not kill us only makes us stronger!”

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