A Kind Voice

Our mission is to make the world a kinder, more connected place one conversation at a time.

On A Kind Voice Radio we have conversations with an eclectic group of people which include musicians, sports figures, authors, business people, film makers, philosophers & everyday heros.  The common thread is they all use their kind voices to make a positive impact. 

Select Episodes:

Interview with James Brown (“JB”) host of The NFL Today on CBS and 3 time Emmy Award Winner.  We have a wide ranging conversation covers topics ranging from Martin Luther King to his work on the CBS and Fox Sports to his work in the News division of CBS and more. 

Interview with Sarah Adams-Nowlin the author of the hit essay Be Cool To The Pizza Dude. Sarah’s fun and colorful essay illustrates the importance of using our kind voice in everyday situations we all face. 

Interview with Robert Lee is the founder of Rescuing Leftover Cuisine (RLC)  a national non-profit food rescue organization, that gets food that would otherwise be wasted to those who are hungry. The RLC is based in New York City and is operating in 12 cities. 

Interview with Game Changer Jordyn Lexton who thought of a new way to support her students who were just released from prison: a food truck that hires recently released inmates from ages 16 - 25. 

Interview with Matt and Simone Weber who own/operate the Table Grace Cafe located in Omaha, Nebraska.  The mission of Table Grace is to foster a healthy community by offering great food prepared and served in a graceful manner to anyone who walks through the door. They have no set prices, no cash register, patrons pay for their meals by donating or serving.  

Interview with Cathy King, the founder of Canines With A Cause.  Cathy’s Utah based program rescues unwanted dogs from shelters, giving them to prison inmates to live with and train them to become service animals, and then pairs the dogs with military veterans battling post-traumatic stress disorder.

Interview with Laura Schroff, author of An Invisible Thread, the true story of how two lives changed forever when she decided to buy lunch for a little boy nearly 30 years ago. 

A lively chat with Fire Chief, Ron Kanterman, on everything firemen. We discuss everything from: Cats stuck in trees, to what drives these brave men and women to put their lives on the line to save others. 

Interview with Steve Hunter of Switchback Cyclery a non profit social enterprise which sells and services bicycles in a way that propels a community forward. They offer meaningful employment and fulfilling relationships to members of the community who have traditionally been marginalized. 

Interview with Kari Riedel the founder (and Mayor) of Bookopolis, a social enterprise whose mission is to ignite a love of reading for fun in kids ages 7-12 that will last a lifetime. Research shows that increases in time spent reading for fun is linked to higher academic performance, better jobs, and stronger social and emotional skills.

The words and music of Randle Chowning the founding member of the Ozark Mountain Daredevils. We discuss Randle’s adventures both in and out of the Daredevils. 

Interview with Denise Cerreta founder of One World Everybody Eats, an international nonprofit supporting a network of pay-what-you-can community cafes that help alleviate hunger. 

Interview with Vanessa Vargas Wilson (a.k.a- Crafty Gemini) has created hundreds of videos on quilting, cooking, gardening and more.  The videos on her You Tube Channel clearly explain the topic at hand, are created with enthusiasm and some humor.  She is clearly having fun, sharing her kind voice and many skills. 

Interview with Jonathan Givens about his project Dance Across the USA which showcases the variety and beauty of both our country, and the dancers that live within it, all in an effort to raise money for our nation's parks, as well as for arts education in the USA.    

A conversation with Mark and Heather Lojeski about Faith, Hope and Love Bags which are duffel bags created for abandon children.  These bags contain personal care and comfort items they can call their own. Unfortunately most of these children come with very little belongings besides the clothes on their backs. If they have a few items, they are typically transported in a trash bag. Whatever these children have left of their self-worth should not be carried in a garbage bag; they deserve better! 

Interview with David Rowen, is an actor, a classically trained singer and pianist and  musical director.  Through his  his new charity music project, David is working to promote social change and raise money to support the Teen and Police Service Academy (TAPS), which is an organization devoted to establishing peace between law enforcement and community members.